Tales Of Zestiria PC, Project Cars Delayed, YouTube Paid Subscription Model

Tales Of Zestiria To Release On PC

For those of you looking for more JRPGs to land on PC I have some good news. It seems that after the success of the Final Fantasy ports and the Valkyria Chronicles release Bandai Namco Games thinks it’s a great idea to bring this game which was only on PlayStation 3 previously over to the PC. Sources say that a SteamDB listing has appeared called Tales of Zestiria and was then changed to TOZ.

Many SteamDB listings has proved fruitful in the past and this is enough for anyone to believe that Tales of Zestiria will be coming to PC. If enough people buy this title maybe Bandai Namco would be interested in bringing old and new titles over to the PC for increased profit.

Source: PC Gamer

Project Cars Is Delayed Again To April 2015

Project Cars being developed by Slightly Mad Studios said to release on PlayStation , Xbox One, Wii U and PC is pushed back to April 2nd for PC and April 7th for the consoles. The game was originally set to release November 18th 2014. Slightly Mad Studios is working with Bandai Namco Games for distribution and the game was developed by crowdfunding.

The head of the studio Ian Bell says it was a tough decision to make but he wants to make sure everything is right before release. He just doesn’t want to pull an Assassins Creed Unity and I personally can’t blame him.

Source: Games Industry

YouTube To Launch An Paid Subscription Model

YouTube has been working on a subscription model for music for quite some time called Music Key that is said to launch in the next few months. However it won’t be simply limited to music on YouTube but will be made available to key YouTubers if they so desire. Many people use adblock and stifle content creators. Well hope you enjoyed it while it lasted prepare to start paying to watch your favorite content creators. Just proof that bad people will always ruin it for the good people.

Source: Engadget


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