Modern Gaming: Era of Mediocrity | The Rumandapples Show #238

Today on the podcast Rum and FleetZ discuss their gaming rants on the this week’s show.

Topics discussed today include: would you have sex with a hermaphrodite?, The Insane Ping Pong Rock Lee’s best fight vs Gaara from Naruto, Kung Fu Hustle is an amazing movie, How bad is Defiance 2050, is Warframe worth playing since the open world update?, WWE 2K games are grindfest trash, gaming is dead modern gaming lives on, real problems in gaming that gamers don’t like talking about, Anthem could be a good game but most likely won’t be, Megaton Rainfall is a interesting game about being a super hero where you fight off an alien invasion with super powers. Plus more!

Host: Rumandapples
Co-Host: FleetZ

#podcast #gamingpodcast #videogames #gaming

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