Erotic Role Play…WHAT! | UNcivilized Banter Podcast #140

UNcivilized Banter is a podcast which occasionally discusses video games.

Today on the podcast hosts Rum and Tech Monkey Fleetz give their thoughts on.

Attempting to understand erotic role play and why it exists.
Old Rum looks like Lord Choi from Arang and the magistrate.
Will Rum Become Alex Jones of Gaming?
Cherish (2002) Movie Impressions
Rum’s Ex Girlfriend looks like Robin Tunney
Stephen King’s Thinner movie is horrifying
The Craft Movie is a cult classic witch movie
Is The Escapists 2 Worth a Dollar?
Rumandapples on Robin Tunney
The Number 1 RP rule: Life First
Rum on The Escapist 2

Host: Rumandapples
Co-Host: FleetZ

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