Gaming Rants With Rum WWE2K18 is Bullshit – The Rumandapples Show #198

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GLORIOUS! I WILL SMOKE BLUNTS – UNcivilized Banter #108 – Bearded Gamer, Tech Monkey Jaco

This podcast contains thoughts on: Joanna Jedrzejczyk says loss to Rose Namajunas at UFC 217 was an accident not a mistake, Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be a Huge Single Player, Open World Story Driven RPG, Starcraft 2 goes free to play,Chuck Liddell healthy enough to fight ‘tomorrow,’ but needs right offer, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is […]

The Rumandapples Show #197 – ZinWulfang(FleetZ)

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The Rumandapples Show #196 – Dan Hoeppner From Something Something Nostalgia

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Not The Rumandapples Show or UNcivilized Banter It’s The Kizzer Show – Tazer Urbex, Kim Gustafsson

Download The Podcast: Tazer Urbex and Kim Gustafsson return to the podcast! this podcast includes thoughts on: battered gamers syndrome, gun control self defense, tazer urbex new show, teenage mutant ninja turtles the original 1987 tv series was the best teenage mutant ninja turtles, ea star wars battlefront 2 is worse than star wars […]

Gaming Rants With Rum Loot Boxes & Microtransactions UNcivilized Banter #107 – Tech Monkey Jaco

Download The Podcast: This episode contains thoughts on: uber partners with nasa for flying cars, pubg publisher announces ascent infinite realm steampunk mmorpg, fifa and madden could move to subscription based services, ea buys respawn entertainment, telltale has laid off 25 percent of their workforce, every take two game will have microtransactions, vampyr needs […]

Dragonball z Opera Screams? – The Rumandapples Show #194 – St1ka

Download The Podcast: St1ka returns to the podcast! St1ka is a Digital Marketing Assistant and gaming youtuber with a heavy focus on retro games. This episode contains thoughts on: weird japanese games, St1ka’s limit for weirdness, Japanese games ports dubbing and subtitles, doki doki literature club is truly scary, dragonball z opera screams, 1990s […]

The Rumandapples Show #193 – The Lawn Gnome

The Lawn Gnome joins the podcast! The Lawn Gnome is the host of Gnome Documentaries, Up From The Underground, pop culture guru and all around positive guy! Check out The Lawn Gnome’s Social Media ——————————————————————— Youtube: Twitter: Donate to Help The Show: Use Tubebuddy, It actually works: Listen on iTunes: […]

UNcivilized Banter #106 – Bearded Gamer

Tech Monkey Jaco4413 from Weird Game Studios and Bearded Gamer returns to the podcast! This podcast contains thoughts on: marking out to ea sports ufc 3, mary jane will be playable in marvel spider man game, league of lengends players being baited into getting permanent bans, visceral games closure is unfortunate, visceral cancelled star wars […]