The Rumandapples Show #192 – Nick Dynamite

Nick Dynamite joins the podcast! Nick Dynamite is a avid gamer, model builder, and experienced Game Master (Mutants and Masterminds), and a jack of all trades in World of Warcraft. This episode contains thoughts on: Lots of technical issues but fuck them, trying to understand weeaboos, loot boxes are still bullshit, modern gaming vs retro […]

The Rumandapples Show #191 – Jenovi

Jenovi returns to the podcast! Jenovi is a farmer, professional auctioneer, retro gamer, second generation – fifth generation gaming researcher, SEGA 32X documentary maker and youtuber. Check out Jenovi! Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: Donate to Help The Show: Use Tubebuddy, It actually works: Listen on iTunes: View More:

Loot Boxes Suck to Family Matters Conspiracy Theory – The Rumandapples Show #190 – The Defiant One

Download the podcast: The Defiant One returns to the podcast! The Defiant One is a let’s player and 1-6 generation pokemon expert. this episode contains thoughts on: reality of re-branding youtube your youtube channel, why loot boxes are horrible for gaming, highs and lows of modern gaming, how people used to listen to music vs […]

UNcivilized Banter #103

Download the podcast: this episode contains thoughts on: stupid internet challenges, gaming for 2017, keemstar the tmz of youtube, discussing nude mods, star wars battlefront 2 is bullshit, battered gamers syndrome, wwe2k18 colonel sanders, sex or video games, why loot boxes are gambling, world of warcraft nude mods, fortnite studio epic games sues two cheaters, […]

The Rumandapples Show #189 – HistoricNerd

Download The Podcast: HistoricNerd returns to the podcast! HistoricNerd is historian with a bachelors in history, gamer, and video game documentary creator. This podcast episode has thoughts on: the sega 64, the sega playstation, historicnerd explaining stolen valor act, drill instructors, family matters stockholm syndrome, dadbod rum, shout outs to yahel from wrestling with gaming, […]

UNcivilized Banter #102b – Master Roshu

Download the podcast: This podcast contains thoughs on: bearded gamer calls into the podcast, rum sings the family matters theme song, #wolf2 is stupid, wolfenstein political controversy is bullshit, learning about wwe’s canceled incest storylines, why vince mcmahon is crazy, instrumental mafia shout out, plus more! Donate to Help The Show: Use Tubebuddy, It […]

Kan and Rum Go To The Movies – Beverly Hills Ninja Movie Review

Download the podcast: Filmmaker Andrew Kan & Villainous host Rumandapples step away from franchises and review a stand alone film, Beverly Hills Ninja starring Chris Farley. Let us know what movies you would like us to review in the comments section. Visit Andrew Kan’s links! Youtube: Twitter: Donate to Help The Show: […]