Feature: The Evil Within The Executioner DLC Almost Gets a Thumbs Up

The Executioner will feature a series of battle arenas where the player faces monsters and villains from The Evil Within from a first person type hack and slash. Players will wield The Keeper’s spiked hammer (which oddly looks like a ban hammer) and earn new weapons and upgrades as they progress, learning more about the […]

News: 2Awesome Studio Dreams Have Died

Alejandro Santiago From 2Awesome Studio makes a few statements regarding to the false donation that could of helped them reach their goal. Blame Johnathan because that individual was the reason all this heartbreak took place.  “We honestly do not know what to say”, 2Awesome’s . We are quite devastated in the team right now. It […]

Podcast: Gaming is Rampant With Crime, Fraud, & Lawsuits – Episode 54

Lots of discussion about, Oculus Rift “creator” Palmer Luckey facing another lawsuit against Total Recall Technologies for fraud, Hellraid and why it needs to be put back on the shelf, The Evil Within and the Keeper DLC that should have been the original game, why Roshu (RoshuGaming) is the perfect co – host to Across […]

Feature: Capcom’s Business Model is REMASTER REMAKE RECYCLE

Capcom in a recent Q & A stated  “HD remasters of our catalog hit titles will be one of our key business activities …digital sales created new demand for these titles. For example, overseas download sales of Resident Evil HD Remastered in the past fiscal year were far higher than we expected. It is not […]

Editorial: Why Hatred is an Equal Opportunity Offender

There has been discussion about why Kill The Faggot was taken down from Steam Greenlight yet Hatred is allowed to remain. This is not fucking rocket science folks. Hatred is a game about killing everyone. Kill The Faggot is about killing homosexual people in a distasteful manner. Comparing the two is like comparing bananas to […]

Podcast: Across The Pond – Oculus Rift Allowing Virtual Porn & Rockstar Sues The BBC – Episode 35

Across The Pond is a gaming talk show hosted by Rumandapples & Roshu666 that also covers, pop culture, entertainment, professional wrestling, and all sorts of news from across the globe. This week the guys discuss, Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront, Daybreak Game Company and why banning cheaters is ok, Rockstar suing BBC over Game Changer […]

Feature: No Love For Star Wars Battlefront 3…Yet

Star Wars Battlefront 3 from Electronic Arts and DICE has been in the news a lot. While people have very polarizing view points on this game, from sheer disgust to complete naivety about the bad situation Battlefront is in. With Electronic Arts and DICE clearly devoted to placing players on the ground in the trenches […]