The Crazy Bag 2 | RumEtorial

We have no idea what is going on in this episode of the RumEtorial. We have been able to discern Rumandapples is probably talking about multiple things involving Power Rangers, Pokemon GO, and other important items like tendon scraping, wait who wrote that?…Damn it…Enjoy this edition of The Crazy Bag….part 2…or something. ^_^ Check outContinue reading “The Crazy Bag 2 | RumEtorial”


Star Trek: The Borg | RumEtorial

Star Trek wasn’t always on Rumandapples radar for the show, but on many listeners and viewers request Rumandapples has dug into Star Trek and has found The Borg in all it’s uh assimilation glory? ….Yeah things are going to get interesting. Check out More RumEtorials: Donate to Help The Show: Rumandapples Links —————————————Continue reading “Star Trek: The Borg | RumEtorial”

Gaming Isn’t Dead…Yet – RumEtorial

Join Rumandapples…Whenever he decided to make these to another edition of the RumEtorial. This time we are talking about all things gaming! Lots of people say gaming is dead…but is it?  Check out More RumEtorials: Donate to Help The Show: Want to hear your question answered on the show? Send them here: reading “Gaming Isn’t Dead…Yet – RumEtorial”

Super Powers Would Suck in Real Life – (RumEtorial)

This episode of the RumEtorial series is all about Super Powers! and how they wouldn’t work in real life…oh dear. This show Rum points out some serious disadvantages of Super Powers in real life. We are basing this on more conventional comic super hero powers. Please don’t hurt our families they are nice people andContinue reading “Super Powers Would Suck in Real Life – (RumEtorial)”

Jobbermania – (RumEtorial)

Welcome to Jobbermania!  This episode of the RumEtorial series is all about JOBBERS The mostly nameless, mostly useless, only around to get battered by (name goes here) on a regular basis. Video Game Jobbers Movie Jobbers it’s Jobbermania! One would think jobbers are totally useless. However Jobbers maintain a unique importance to the universes theyContinue reading “Jobbermania – (RumEtorial)”

The Crazy Bag – (RumEtorial)

Rumandapples dives into a few things on his mind concerning, the video game industry, Call of Duty, Video game price rackets, how people ruined zombies, and a bunch of other random assortments of thought nugs called The Crazy Bag. More RumEtorials: Cheap PC Games: – Coupon code “RUM” for 5% off! Rumandapples LinksContinue reading “The Crazy Bag – (RumEtorial)”

5 True Creepy Stories – RumEtorial

Celebrating Halloween (well almost) with this Special Edition RumEtorial. Narrated by Rumandapples here are 5 true creepy stories for your enjoyment. If these become popular I might make more. Enjoy because I really freaked myself out reading these and narrating the audio for everyone. Rumandapples Links —————————————  Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Hitbox | Donate

The Positive Side of Video Games Pt. 1 – RumEtorial

Although the negativity surrounding gaming culture has never been more apparent and seriously problematic. There are positive influences video games have provided in the past and will continue to provide in the future. Rumandapples scratches the surfaces in this first part of The Positive Side of Video Games. More RumEtorials: Cheap PC Games: reading “The Positive Side of Video Games Pt. 1 – RumEtorial”

Arnold Rimmer The Brave (RumEtorial)

Red Dwarf is by creation a well made show. It also dabbled into some really odd storylines. One in particular is the story of Arnold Rimmer and just how important he is to the Universe. We might have to give that smeg head more credit than we originally thought.  Tune into The Rumandapples Show: MoreContinue reading “Arnold Rimmer The Brave (RumEtorial)”