Features – Do Gamers Take Console Wars To Far?

Top Hats and Champagne which is a PC master race themed YouTube channel takes all the screams and cries around the web about the console wars be it on reddit, YouTube, or even his own comment section in an effort to debunk some of the crazy things THAC sees gamers writer in the community. THAC then brings these comments forward to the public on his show.

THAC calls the show Stupid Console Peasant Quotes. It’s a great show that offers laughter, knowledge and is extremely under appreciated while also new. I highly suggest you stop by Top Hats and Champagne and enjoy yourselves. In the video above you can see just how seriously people take gaming corporations and go even as far as to send THAC death threats or even to cower in delusional paranoia that THAC is here to take their console boxes away. Fan-boy-ism is a disease in the gaming community and it’s just sad to see people which some are adults acting this way. Then again the console wars is nothing new and has even given life to a game called Hyperdimension Neptunia which can be found on Steam and PlayStation 3.

GTN favors the PC overall because it is not tied down to any corporation and is an open platform at it’s base. PC offers better graphics, better frame-rates, more games in specific genres, cheaper games, more control options, more resolution options and I could go on and on and on and on and on….

So what do you think about how crazy the gaming community has gotten over the years? Why do you think people defend Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony so blindly? GTN would be interested to know! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Rumandapples incorporates witty and hypnotizing Humor with sarcastic satire involving multiple topics to a almost neurotic pace guaranteed to make you laugh and question the very mind that created such things, creating various videos involving theory, sub culture and crazy bag deep concepts, laced with humor and sarcasm with dry wit and Psychotic usages of speaking. Rumandapples & RoshuGaming, have come together and created a gaming updates/opinion podcast called "Across the Pond" in 2014. The Rumandapples Show was developed in early 2014 and continues to grow in its popularity. Across The Pond was changed to Uncivilized Banter with Roshu returning to the co host seat with Rumandapples. Schedule For Weekly Shows: RAS: (Pre Recorded) Mon. Uncivilized Banter: Fri. (LIVE)

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