Daily – Steam Machine Goes VR, LOK Dead Sun Gameplay, The Division PC Specs

Valve has officially announced that a new VR headset has been in development for the Steam Machines and is solely a Valve product to be used in conjunction with the Steam OS. No further details were given more details are promised however at the upcoming GDC. – See more

Do you remember Legacy Of Kain? GTN sure does it was a breathe taking franchise that had very deeply woven story elements and was unforgettable for it’s time. Well new footage has broken about Legacy Of Kain Dead Sun which was a failed project being developed by Psyoix and published by Square Enix. What gamers got out of the failed project was Nosgoth which is well nothing like it. – See more

Ubisoft has officially released the PC specs you should probably have in order to run Tom Clancy’s The Division. To be honest with you the specs are nothing to bat an eyelash at and if you want to know the official specs well then click – See more

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