News – Valve To Show Virtual Reality For Steam At GDC.

Valve announced they’ll be showing off their new VR technology exclusively at GDC which is the Game Developers Conference to see how many heads the VR headset turns and see how many gamers will enjoy the product. Steam is also hoping that some game developers will be on board for using this Steam headset with their games as well of course.

The video above called the Oculus Sexy Rift Reaction shows how people mentally responded to the VR Oculus Rift headset which is also available on PC and owned by Facebook. Please be aware that this is not the official Steam VR Headset. At the time no one has word on what it looks like and how it will integrate into the Steam Platform follow us on social media to keep yourself updated on it’s progress. 
Source: Engadget

What’s your thoughts on all these new VR headsets coming out from all the large hardware companies inside of gaming? Do you think it’s just another 3D that’s meant to sell but then quickly fades away? Let me know below and share this post with your friends to let them know!

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