Feature: Top 5 Max Payne Quotes

Max payne 3 Top 5 Quotes

“The trick in my situation was that there was no trick, no matter what the movies tell you. No rules, no secret mantra, no road map. It wasn’t about how smart or how good you were. It was chaos and luck, and anyone who thought different was a fool. All you could do was to hang on madly, as long and hard as you could.” – Max Payne

This en-tales what it’s like to be in a gun fight and what kind of emotion and stress you’d be putting yourself through as you continued to get into them and try to survive them. It does an excellent job portraying that sense of immersion and detail. Though it can be about how smart you are but a lot is really chaos and luck.

“There was no glory in this. I hadn’t asked for this crap. Trouble had come to me, in big dark swarms. The good and the just, they were like gold dust in this city. I had no illusions. I was not one of them. I was no hero. Just me and the gun, and the crook. My options had decreased to a singular course.” – Max Payne

This peaks down to life screwing you over and how you can be forced into situations you don’t want to be in and how you have to deal with those problems in such a blunt and forceful way. He goes as far as to say “I’m not a hero and I don’t feel like a hero!” I’m just doing what I feel I should and there’s nothing to question about it. Imagine you came home and you found the people you loved murdered, you’d be forced to act no matter how your morals interfered with you or what the view of the outside world thinks. You would be Unchained.

“Mine wasn’t the most original appraoch to the problem. It wasn’t as if it hadn’t all been done before. An eye for an eye. The first principle of revenge, old as dirt, still going strong. The cardinal rule in going after someone was not to make it personal. Which it almost always ended up being anyway. It did with me.” – Max Payne

This just goes to show our basic instincts. We strive to protect those we love and if we failed we find this inner driven motivation to do what we can to hurt those who hurt us. Revenge is often frowned upon but say what you will, it’s nothing but human.

“Just when you thought you had reached the deepest depths of horror, it suddenly got worse. How to turn off the small voice inside your head that started to whisper that you should be glad that now if not before, your revenge was justifiable on any conceivable moral scale? That small voice beyond any doubt that I was damned.” – Max Payne

This quote tells on how we personally look at the thing we’ve done. A more condense version of this maybe that there was some bully that you had to knockout cold to stop him or her from hurting someone. But when you look in the mirror you notice you’re just as bad and you yourself question if you did the right thing is the situation? Maybe that bully is just a sheep in wolves clothing? Maybe that bully had a hard life at home when his dad constantly beat the shit out of him or screamed calling him worthless all day? Maybe you could have handled it better but it’s too late to wash your hands of the actions you took and it might nag at your conscience.

“Life was good. The sun setting on a sweet summer’s day. The smell of freshly mowed lawns, the sounds of children playing. A house across the river, on the jersey side. A beautiful wife and a baby girl. The American dream come true. But dreams have a nasty habit of going bad when you’re not looking” – Max Payne

This is just the rule of living life. All the good things in your life won’t last forever. It doesn’t have to be as grizzly as murder like Max stumbles upon. But it maybe the comfort of your parents or the love of your spouse. Something always goes wrong while you’ve been blindly stumbling around in your own bliss and it’s often to late when you discover you’re wife has been cheating on you or a family member is hospitalized or worse. Life is not kind even when you imagine it is.

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