Feature: Indie Game CrossCode is Fascinating

Part of the indie picks on The Rumandapples Show CrossCode by RadicalFish is a Retro 2D action rpg and it’s only relation to The Legend of Zelda by inspiration alone. Lea is a strong female protagonist plus shes mute and like to throw hands like a monster. Very fast paced gameplay, 4 elements to master (pretty much like avatar), based in a world where MMO business is insanely better than in our own. This is worth trying out the demo to see if you want to buy this game. For retro fans you might enjoy this one. Considering there is a free demo out where you can literally try before you buy a practice long forgotten in many ways. CrossCode is at the very least worth your time for that reason along with the energy it brings with it. This feels like a game that was fun to make for the developer and most likely fun for us to enjoy.

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