Features: Are You Happy With Your Life?

Hello out there. I am wondering how is life treating you at the current moment? Are you happy with your life or maybe you’re sad with your life. Tell me friend how do you feel about the current state of events that you find yourself in? Better yet ask yourself when was the last time you sat back and examined your life. Examined your job. Examined your dreams, your will, your aspirations, your passions and your worth. When was the last time you’ve asked yourself these questions? Are you happy with your life? I want you get up and look at yourself in the mirror. I want you to look deep within your own eyes. I want you to ask yourself truthfully is my life exactly what I want it to be. Often you’ll find out that life is never what you expected it to be. That somewhere down the line you had to make sacrifices. That in your life you’ve made choices weren’t really your own. Maybe somewhere down the line you had an unplanned child and you had to sacrifice a large portion of your life for that child. Maybe you went to college to study for years and years of your life for a job that you found out the hard way you have absolutely zero interest in.

Perhaps maybe you’ve just been generally unlucky. You just look into future and you see nothing but bleakness. You see desperation. You see uncertainty and as much as you’d hate to admit it. It scares you to death. You may tremble in that ignored fear that is in the back of your mind that things are only going to get way way way worse for you in your future and more than likely it’s not going to get any better in just that downward spiral. As human beings we are raised and we are conditioned to follow this certain path that society has laded before us. That we as human beings think that the answer to life is college. That it’s a good job. That it’s a high paying wage. That the answer to life is in face money. Because we see as an observer. We see that successful people are happy because of money. Some on the other hand think with their hearts. That the answer to life is wife and kids. That the only thing that matters is friends and family. We see this all around us. You see it all around you. You see happy couples everywhere smiling in public.

You see suits and ties walking around skyscrapers and business with not much of a care in the world. They’re well off. They’re successful. They have money. Though you still wonder why you’ve yet to find it yourself. That where’s my slice of the pie? Why can’t I be content in my life? And so you’ve made it a goal. You’ve continually put one foot in front of the other. You’re chasing this thing in your life that you’ve always wanted. But the end conclusion of whatever you’re chasing is often lead you to the same questions. It’s still a mystery and you find yourself sometimes in misery. You find yourself doubting yourself and wondering if you’ve made the right kind of choices in your life.

Well I’m about to answer all those questions once and for all for you. I can tell you friend that money does not buy your happiness. I can tell you my friend that family and friends can and will let you down. I can tell you that no amount of study will help you achieve your greatness. To help you achieve happiness. I can tell that if you’re following these things and you’re thinking these are the things you want to find and get. That you yourself are running in circles in your life. That you’ve not found anything that has brought you close to pure happiness. I will tell you that you can find happiness and it’s actually very simple. It’s not complex. It’s not complicated. It’s not even hard. It’s not some sort of magical formula that you read in books. Pure happiness is often a feeling, it’s an action and it’s reality. Happiness can found in something called selflessness.

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Rumandapples incorporates witty and hypnotizing Humor with sarcastic satire involving multiple topics to a almost neurotic pace guaranteed to make you laugh and question the very mind that created such things, creating various videos involving theory, sub culture and crazy bag deep concepts, laced with humor and sarcasm with dry wit and Psychotic usages of speaking. Rumandapples & RoshuGaming, have come together and created a gaming updates/opinion podcast called "Across the Pond" in 2014. The Rumandapples Show was developed in early 2014 and continues to grow in its popularity. Across The Pond was changed to Uncivilized Banter with Roshu returning to the co host seat with Rumandapples. Schedule For Weekly Shows: RAS: (Pre Recorded) Mon. Uncivilized Banter: Fri. (LIVE)

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