Feature: Star Wars Battlefront NO Classes NO Squads NEW Partner System

There will be NO pre made classes in the new Star Wars Battlefront, nor will there be squads, all your weapons and gear will be unlockable with XP. DICE and EA are also introducing a new partner system and getting rid of the squad system. There will be NO iron sight aiming system, The new Partners feature that links two players together so that they can see each other on their HUD and spawn on each other. You will also be able to share whatever they’ve unlocked, so if you’re teamed with a higher level partner, or someone who’s bought a different loadout with their XP, you can have access to what they have unlocked. All in all the game itself is one that gamers and fans of the previous series must be careful about. This is a huge chance this game is merely a cash grab of the Triple A model that continues to waste our money and time. 
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