Gameplay: Payday 2 – The Meltdown Heist

Back again for another attempt with a marvelous success at Meltdown the newest heist from Payday 2. This time we are going to use the car because forklifts are slow and for anyone who plays this game. Cloakers are bad KILL DA CLOAKER!! More heists plus more in the future.

Meltdown is the new Heist in Payday 2 in which you must go back to the Murkywater warehouse that you broke into on the Shadow Raid job but this time you go in loud.

A little help to tackle this heist:

When it comes to this particular map it is smart to utilize a mastermind/enforcer skill set mainly for the ability to shout at your teammates to revive them, It really does come in handy. Snipers are everywhere so it’s best to have someone in the team with a long distance rifle or something to combat them with. With the enforcer being able to move bags much eaiser and throw them further he is your best bet to secure loot faster into the trunk of the car. Other than that practice makes perfect and that is the best tip anyone can give. You have to play the game itself in order to learn the patterns the AI make.

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