Feature: No Love For Star Wars Battlefront 3…Yet

Star Wars Battlefront 3 from Electronic Arts and DICE has been in the news a lot. While people have very polarizing view points on this game, from sheer disgust to complete naivety about the bad situation Battlefront is in. With Electronic Arts and DICE clearly devoted to placing players on the ground in the trenches using the partner system, no loadouts, everything unlockable with xp,  and no storyline whatsoever. One has to think with so much emphasis going into the ground combat even though we will have dog-fighting which is nice. What faith can we really have at this point with Star Wars Battlefront being the game that will live up to realistic expectations and not feel like a shilling. Only time will tell but how it looks right now. No love for you Battlefront. Disney and EA with the 10 year deal might be a good thing for bridging the gap for younger audiences who don’t know star wars to the degree that older fans or fanatics of the franchise have, so that could be why many of us feel this game is going to be sub par. For younger fans they won’t care they will play it and enjoy it for what it is which is nice if your not the one paying for it. 
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