Hatred: Civilians on Fire & Human Shields Wuuuuuu!

I was mother f’n blazed on the hanging out on the nimbus clouds when I decided to record some good ol’ HATRED! Yes the lovely game people are winging on about. This is the first of many gameplays featuring the ultra violent game Hatred from Destructive Creations. Watch it for yourself it’s more B movie awesome than “evil vile” killing simulator. Take it as you would a campy horror film like Evil Dead. A horror film with lots of violence we look back on an laugh.The same feeling is what happens when you play as the main character of Hatred. One of the strongest suits is the game’s sound, the ambiance created is one of true gothic tones with the black and white color scheme with limited color makes the actual cold act of killing very visual in an odd but appealing sense. Lots of people have been talking about the problems with the controls but I haven’t found much issue with it, while it does take some getting used to and depending on your preference to using a game pad to keyboard and mouse can affect your experience.

Honestly What did people expect with Hatred? It’s a twin stick shooter that pretty much brought people back to the age of postal and shouldn’t be taken to the seriousness of the degree people are taking it too. While clearly enjoyable and niche demographic, this game gets a recommend.

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