Indie Game Impact Winter is Looking Compelling

Created by Mojo Bones and coming soon to steam greenlight is Impact Winter! The game features randomized elements like weather, scavenge sites, even story events that will require you to make significant choices at times as you play through the game. This system should keep the story attention grabbing and unique enough for each player as they  keep their group of survivors alive, working together in a mostly buried abandoned church as the apocalyptic snow continues to fall. Yes and that snow fall is from the aftermath of an asteroid crashing to the earth in Manitoba. Thanks Canada…All jokes aside this game is going to be something to look at. In a survival game market full of dinosaurs and the once fun but now used for ever conceivable premise even if they know it’s bad, zombies, glad to see this is one of the few that places attention to the narrative and keeping the player interested in continuing on surviving the endless winter. 
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