Destiny Continues To Insult Players With Overpriced Shlock

Destiny is continuing to show us it really takes its player’s for granted.The Taken King expansion launches with  3 different packages upon arrival on the Sept. 15t. It will be up for digital download at the hefty fee of $62.89 for players who own the game and existing DLC.  Another option is to get the $86.49 Legendary Edition on physical disc containing the base Destiny game and existing DLC so new players can get all of the game’s content. The Taken King: Collector’s Edition is another option at the price point of $125.80. For all that paper you get physical collectibles and exclusive in-game content, including three class-specific emotes and exotic weapons with XP boosts. On top of all this The Taken King Creative Director Luke Smith has not helped the legitimate dissatisfaction by fans, by going on eurogamer website for an interview and being a wank pheasant.

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