Starbreeze Acquires Payday Film Rights & Payday Movie Discussion

Looks like Starbreeze now owns the Payday IP after the majority acquisition of the film company Payday Productions.  Starbreeze acquired Overkill in June 2012, and had discussions about turning it into a film or tv series. Starbreeze has paid around $330,000 (SEK 2.73 million) and now own the multimedia rights to the Payday IP. Starbreeze is going to be covering its project development budget up to $150,000.

CEO Bo Andersson Klint says

“At Starbreeze, we see an ever increasing potential in the cross-fertilization between the gaming industry and other entertainment industries,” said Micke Hjorth, chairman of Starbreeze, in a statement. “Our lack of control and ownership over the movie project and TV rights were not optimal to Starbreeze, and I am very happy that we now fully control one of our core IP’s, Payday. We will now be in a superb position to even further capitalize on our franchise.”

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