Why Do People Care How Much Pewdiepie Makes

SlayerXTR and Rumandapples bring the subject of Pewdiepie to the table. Most notably trying to figure out why people actually care how much he makes. It honestly doesn’t matter. Pewdiepie has been around since at least 2010. The guy is here to stay, he has (by luck or intention) capitalized on the younger demographic because the will always be there. When someone tires of him they leave and another comes around. Why are people so content to hate the guy for creating a source of income for himself and doing something he seems to still genuinely enjoy? People love to throw bones at the guy for only being about money. Yet nobody brings up the fact he donates a decent amount of money to charity. This is not a Pewdiepie support post by any means. However it would be inaccurate to not state his contribution to charity and the youtube gaming world that is now filled with many let’s players and others that pewdiepie (among other big name youtubers) kind of opened the door for. Just giving credit where credit is due. 
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