Mafia III: Build Your Crime Empire

Mafia III is different. The game is set in New Orleans in the late 60s, the Italian mob are the antagonists or bad blokes in this game, You play as Lincoln Clay, a black Vietnam veteran who, on returning to the US, finds work with the black mob. It’s here that Clay an orphan finds the family he’s been searching for, but then his adoptive family is betrayed by the Italian mob. 
One topic of note is how violent the game has escalated since the last installment. Now with the addition of stealth kills or instant take downs, there will be some fun at least visually with some fun executions like taking a kitchen knife to a baddie. Vito does make an appearance so glad the voice actor could get a paycheck.  
The ability to create a mob empire is compelling, the claims of an actual open world something desired in the previous Mafia games. However how it all will work is the most important aspect along with the storyline and writing have to be top notch here in order for players to care about this essentially revenge plot Clay is undertaking.
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