Women Are NOT Oppressed In The USA Hillary Clinton

The truth is Women in modern society are actually privileged, not “oppressed.” in order to understand fully you have to consider the special rights that are granted to females. Women have better ways around and inside the education system such as affirmative actions & quotas for women; “women only” scholarships to put them through school without spending a dime. Also women don’t have to register for Select Service though they are now fully able to fight in wars today. Also punishment for female criminals is far less serve jail times. In the terms of courts women can opt out of parental responsibilities but men can’t and are severely punished for their choice of divorce. So what’s all the fuzz about you may be asking. Politics is the answer.

In the place of politics today’s feminists claim that women are “oppressed” or suffer from other imaginary illusion that really is of no importance. Understand it’s not like the short-lived first and second wave feminist movements that did actually has a base and footing. Today’s “movement” has no goals. Since there is nothing to be repair or fixed. So the cries can simply live on forever due to the blind leading the blind for a “greater good”. Today Feminism falls solely on Oppression. But what about female oppression, does it exist? Given the widespread belief in this phenomenon, one would expect it to be easy to define. Though there isn’t any evidence that women are oppressed in the west. For the East well… all are oppressed. Women hold no quarter of their own. They are all in the shit fest together.

People let us think. Yes, this brain that is between our ears. Let us use it. Ask yourself if there clearly was a problem. If there was in fact a massive oppression of women in the west wouldn’t a political program be drawn up to end this made up problem. But there hasn’t been one presented… has there? But why? Feminism can be victorious once and for all! Where’s the bill? The answer is that the world truly is filled with gullible people. One must admit that the idea of systemic female oppression has little or no solid evidence to back it at all. It is INDEED based on a series of myths that have become cemented into the minds of the populace using the media. Or currently in Hillary Clinton’s case… to get votes. Don’t you get it yet people? Feminism in the west is a tool. It’s a wrench to futher a person or companies agenda! Nothing more. Nothing less! Still don’t believe me? Try to question these beliefs that women are oppressed. Ask yourself are women not totally in control of relationships and marriage?

Are women not handed the power to fight in wars and vote? Are women not catered to in the education system? Are women turned down for jobs due to being women? If you find the truth in these questions. You my friend will only have fingers pointed at you screaming Blasphemy that will make you a Misogynist, a Rape Apologist or a tool of the Patriarchy. But fear not my friends. For it is meaningless dribble that has no foundation much like the cause of feminism today. So for you feminist out there. Your war was over years ago. It’s time to drop the cause and enjoy what’ve won. Your equality. No? Won’t be dropping the cause? Well then it seems you want more than equality…. don’t you? Below you will find links to many articles that will show you that feminism is meaningless in the west. These are called sources… these are called facts. I know to feminist this is something that is unheard of because then you’d have to admit your cause to be baseless which I just pointed out. Thank you very much for watching and have a good day.


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Rumandapples incorporates witty and hypnotizing Humor with sarcastic satire involving multiple topics to a almost neurotic pace guaranteed to make you laugh and question the very mind that created such things, creating various videos involving theory, sub culture and crazy bag deep concepts, laced with humor and sarcasm with dry wit and Psychotic usages of speaking. Rumandapples & RoshuGaming, have come together and created a gaming updates/opinion podcast called "Across the Pond" in 2014. The Rumandapples Show was developed in early 2014 and continues to grow in its popularity. Across The Pond was changed to Uncivilized Banter with Roshu returning to the co host seat with Rumandapples. Schedule For Weekly Shows: RAS: (Pre Recorded) Mon. Uncivilized Banter: Fri. (LIVE)

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