Everquest ll Sends Cheaters to Prison Server Debate

Daybreak Games is going to launch a new “prison server” where cheating players get take a ride to the pen for good. 
Daybreak explains some things,
“Characters on these accounts will be copied to Drunder (the ‘prison server’) and can never leave or transfer to another server,” 
Daybreak went on to say
“You won’t be able to move individual characters to this server, while maintaining characters from the same account on another server,” Daybreak said. “This is a ONE-WAY trip for an entire account forever.
“Ultimately, players who break the rules–or want to–will have a world of their own to do… whatever they will,” 
Now let’s all realize this is only temporary to see how the system will work in the future there could be a drastically different system implemented. 
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