Feminism Lies & Equality Truth

I want to tell you something before
I start today. You the good hearted honest people out there. That I
will be attacked in all manners below this video. Due to how I will
represent the truth in this insanely controversial topic. My methods
will not be orthodox. Simply because that kind of passive conformism
doesn’t mean or solve a damn thing in today’s politically correct
weak society. To be passive is to let evil prevail and run rampant in
our lives and our children’s lives… so ladies and gentlemen let it
be known that what you are about to watch may shock, offend and maybe
anger you. Hell, It might even get you think for yourself for once.
Because today I expose the socialist
feminist movement that is taking away our freedoms and right only so
our country may conform into what is the socialist agenda of the
Welcome ladies and gentlemen. You know
in life there are few absolutes wouldn’t you agree? For instance are
you absolutely sure the place you work at will continue to stay in
business? No, you can’t be absolutely sure can you? So let’s clarify
for the sake of today’s topic that absolutes to me are things
presented that hold weight. Things that are based on evidence and
facts.. and let me go a step further to say that these facts and
evidence also have to be presented by unbiased party at that. You
want to see facts con-screwed to meet a reaching theory. Take a good
look at the flip flopping scientist’s today and how they change
stories more than they change their socks. But that’s another show..
for another time.

Listen today. There seems to be a certain
and I say it lightly “problem” going around largely in the world
today. It’s called the socialist feminist movement. Now feminism used
to serve a good purpose in the past and is the very reason why I have
the evidence I’m about to provide to you very soon. Just let it be
known that I very much support feminism in those times as the
movement was nothing but the fight for equality. Just as I support
and recognize that equality is in fact alive and breathing in America
already today. You see today, feminism is a very dirty word to those
who read between the lines. Because Feministic women today use the
face and graces that the term “equality” represents only as a
tool to push their own agenda’s. They claim and scream that they
don’t have equality to get what they want out of politics. To get
sympathy from the public. The media uses it as an outlet to draw
attention to their publications. Hillary Clinton is currently using
it to get votes. Look. This is the United States of America. It’s all
about Equality! Whether you’re a women or a man. Whether your black
red purple yellow or teal. There is a law that gave everyone equality
years ago, it’s fact! Don’t believe me? Well let me present the
evidence then if you don’t believe me. Well! Would you look at this!
It’s in the Constitution! It’s called the Equal Protection Clause.
What does it say?

persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the
jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the
State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law
which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the
United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life,
liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any
person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Now, let me also add that EQUAL
OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT is law ladies and gentlemen. It’s also not
just a law that protects just women. But protects the disabled, the
old, the black yada yada and wow… would you look at this it even
protects that vastly privileged white man too! Do you want to know
why it protects even a white man? Because it’s called EQUAL
OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT! Now and days the public. You people spend to
much time listening to the loud mouths of today’s modern society to
even consider looking at the source material. Feminism is dead and
has been for years! Feminism is now a weapon. I ask you people how in
the world can there be a socialist
feminist movement all about equality? If equality is already here?
Did you just not witness the truth in which I just presented to you?

Look. Damn it. The feminist status today: Is a small group of
“ladies” that are looking to push this false made up garbage
about how equality still isn’t present for females. That they make a
lesser wage. That they are constantly oppressed. Modern Feminist’s
are “Advocates
of women’s rights.”
They sure as
hell are not advocates of anybody else’s rights are they? If anything
they plan to take away all rights of everybody else so they may be on
top. Still don’t believe me? Ask yourself why does the socialist
feminist movement only care about the equal rights of women? Not
white men, not black men, not the purple, The yellow, the blue. Not
the disabled or the mental? Because they only want to make waves so
they push their agenda’s.

The feminist of a couple decades
ago didn’t even represent the views of the majority of american women
in the United States. Today they still don’t. The people who care
about equality are known as equalist or humanist. Do you see how the
word “fem” doesn’t fall into this labels? That’s because they
don’t fight for one side.

Now let’s take a look and some of the
highest pitched whines we here from modern feminist’s today. Let’s
start with the wage gap. Here’s one we’ve all heard before. “Women
make up 50% of the workforce. But they make 78 cents for every dollar
a man makes. Therefore women are not equal to me.”
Now when you hear this you say? Oh wow
is that so? Wow that isn’t equal is it? As always when you go to the
source you can usually find the lie. Let me ask you this. How
different are women and men when picking a career and job? The answer
is vastly different. Men are more likely to choose jobs like
Engineering, Science’s, Law Enforcement and Business management.
Women are more likely to choose social services, customer services,
accounting and arts. These jobs all pay differently due to what each
job carries in weight of worth. If women want to make more money than
men then choose jobs that pay more. This is America. You get what you
put in whether you got set of breasts or a sack of walnuts. If you
want to read the document that has closed shut the gender pay range
gap in since 2007.. go head and read the 93 page report which by the
American College of Healthcare. If do read it you’ll notice that the
garbage feminist have been using to further their goal for
“feminquality” is totally without fact and evidence.
Point is people. At the end of the day
women, men, blacks, whites and the disabled and whoever else. Are
equal because it is the law of the Untied States of America. So the
people from the socialist feminist movement. Here’s my final
departing words to you. You can yell and you can scream all you want
about something you pretend you don’t have. But everybody knows what
you really want and equality isn’t it. You can try to damage control
this video or try to personally attack and belittle me. But I’m just
going to let you know here and now! That it won’t mean a damn thing
to me. Cause all I care about is the truth… you should try it
sometime. I’ve been Craig and if you will drop me a like and
subscribe huh?  

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