Rocket League Patch Updates

Rocket League has gotten a huge patch with some small but important improvements players have been delighted with. One of the major improvements is the punishments to players who leave the game in online ranked matches. The punishment is a 15 minute penalty. The patch now enables quick chat across PC and PS4 users.  HereContinue reading “Rocket League Patch Updates”

Until Dawn Gameplay Thoughts

Supermassive Games upcoming title Until Dawn recently showed off some gameplay footage. Yes admittedly its very schlock filled an 90’s but it’s actually entertaining to watch and partake in. We did see some butterfly effects going off when a supposed important decision in the game is made that will permanently alter the outcome. Until DawnContinue reading “Until Dawn Gameplay Thoughts”

Summer Games Done Quick Raises $1.2 Million

Summer Games Done Quick 2015, raised $1,232,925.90 in donations, all given directly to Doctors Without Borders. From what the donation tracking page tells us, 22,075 viewers were responsible for the huge sum of money donated. We should all be happy for this sort of thing. It’s pleasant to see some good news in the gamingContinue reading “Summer Games Done Quick Raises $1.2 Million”

WWE2K16 The Terminator Pre Order Bonus Thoughts

Arnold Schwarzenegger steps in as the latest pre order bonus for WWE2K16 as The Terminator. He will return as a T-800 model from the films. Schwarzenegger goes on to say. “I’ve achieved many things in my life, but I’ve always said success means staying hungry and pushing the limits,” Arnie said Schwarzenegger makes comments pertainingContinue reading “WWE2K16 The Terminator Pre Order Bonus Thoughts”

Indie Game Vampyr News & Thoughts

Vampyr is a game responsible for captivating Rumandapples interest. What we know right now is… The player will take on the role of Jonathan E. Reid, a military surgeon that becomes a vampire when he returns home from the war. “Absolutely all characters in the game are potential victims of your vampiric lust,” the developerContinue reading “Indie Game Vampyr News & Thoughts”

Microsoft Xbox One: Parity Clause is Over

Phil Spencer recently talked about the Xbox One parity clause pretty much being dead in the water.  “I think so. There’s this idea that’s been named ‘parity clause,’ but there is no clause… If there’s a developer who’s building a game and they just can’t get the game done for both platforms cool. We’ll takeContinue reading “Microsoft Xbox One: Parity Clause is Over”

Bethesda Says No More Pip Boys

Pete Hines marketing vice president has recently commented on the defense of not making more pip boys. “We made a shitload of Pip-Boys, and we went back and made more, and went back and made more. I keep seeing stuff about, ‘Oh, you only did a few thousand.” No–we did a ton of these things.Continue reading “Bethesda Says No More Pip Boys”

The Rumandapples Show (RAS) #64

Download The RAS Show HERE: Talking all things gaming with the traditional flair of insanity. Every Monday Rumandapples dives into news analysis about the gaming industry including Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii U, PC, Independent games, entertainment, even MMA and pro wrestling. This episode contains, Konami’s really badContinue reading “The Rumandapples Show (RAS) #64”