Gamers Educate Jimmy Kimmel Thoughts

Jimmy Kimmel recently angered lots of gamers over his comments when he suggested the activity of watching other people play video games online is a waste of time. Now Jimmy Kimmel did a recent video with Markiplier & MissesMae as he tried out Rocket League, and watched a video of someone playing Minecraft with a VR headset. Jimmy Kimmel was more interesting in cracking jokes (because he is a comedian and is paid to tell jokes & poke fun at things) rather than learning about the medium.

Notice he did admit before hand in the original comments which got gamers mad you will hear Kimmel saying he is out of touch admitting he doesn’t quite understand what is going on, when it comes to let’s plays and watching gaming live streams.

The weird hug at the end…Yeah that was weird, nobody seemed like they wanted to partake in that party. Does Jimmy Kimmel care about gaming? Probably not but it doesn’t matter Jimmy Kimmel is not responsible if your next pick of video game comes out. He is a comedian who makes fun of things. This time gaming just happened to be the subject matter.

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