Cobra TV Returns l The Rumandapples Show (RAS) #100 4/11/16

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Talking all things gaming with the traditional flair of insanity. Every Monday Rumandapples dives into news analysis about the gaming industry including Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii U, PC, Independent games, entertainment, even MMA and pro wrestling.

Cobra is back on the show because reasons. This episode contains thoughts on: The Division Debate, Changes in the generations of gaming, Story Time with Rum and Cobra, No Man’s Sky…sort of, Indie TV, Indie game Wild, Far Cry Primal, The problem with Season Passes, DLC, Microtransactions, Modern Gaming is Letting Down Gamers, Indie Games Vs Triple A Games, Megaton Rainfall boycott from VR community, Batman v Superman Review/Debate, Superman is the Uberman?, Gamedar, is Rumandapples descending into madness,What Additional Physical Content really was back in the day, Plus Much More!

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