Something Something Nostalgia | Batman: The Animated Series Season 1

“Something Something Nostalgia is all about the things we grew up watching, playing, whatever. Three man children who pine and reflect on the things that made our
childhood great. Mostly focusing on things that were popular during the 80’s and 90’s, but sometimes go into more present day stuff if it is of a particular quality.
Sometimes we might go deep into the themes and ideas, and sometimes we will just fawn over how awesome something was and it ends up turning into a big circle jerk. You have to
listen to find out which one each episode will be. Join Matt White, Dan Hoeppner, and Jerome McCullough and take a trip to yester year.”
When you think of 90’s animation, this series is one of the first mentinoned. This show was seminal in the lives of every kid our age who ever picked up a comic book. You just hear the opening beats to the intro theme, and you are instantly transported back in time. I still can’t see the WB logo without thinking of that sequence. But is the show as great as we
all remember; or are we all wearing rose tinted glasses? Join us as we look deeper into the mythos, themes, and our memories of Gotham, as we discuss season 1 of Batman TAS

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