UNcivilized Banter #70 – Tazer, Rumandapples

Download MP3 Version HERE: http://bit.ly/2karfGF

UNcivilized Banter is a long talk format show hosted by Rumandapples and Roshu which ranges in covering topics from gaming, pro wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, pop culture, movies, comic books, plus much more! #gaming #podcast #videogames #mma #geek #wwe #prowrestling #UFC #gamers

Tazer Joins The Podcast!

This episode contains thoughts on: tim sweeny lifetime achievement award at gdc 2017, ark survival evolved pokemon mod, the division movie is coming, oculus vs zenimax lawsuit continues, badfly interactive apologizes for blacklisting reviewers, strange new things studio opened, stupid people section, nioh goes gold, marking out about red dwarf, plus more!

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View More: http://bit.ly/2deQB7H


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