Raid World War II The Good World War II Game to Hot Water Challenge is Dumb – UNcivilized Banter #98

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This podcast episode contains thoughts on: gaming rants with Rum, no Tales From The Borderlands sequel due to poor sales, playerunknowns battlegrounds streamer was banned because houses didnt load, call of duty ww2 rewards players for watching people open loot boxes, Raid: World War 2 from 505 Games, destiny 2 rockstar energy drinks, destiny 2 pop tarts, destiny 2 merchandise is bullshit, call of duty player accidentally fires gun into neighbors apartment, man pees on family of 3 at metallica concert, 12 year old girl allegedly dumps boiling hot water on sleeping friend as part of hot water challenge, wal mart apologizes for sign marking guns as back to school items, lawbreakers thoughts, plus more!

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