Loot Boxes Suck to Family Matters Conspiracy Theory – The Rumandapples Show #190 – The Defiant One

Download the podcast: http://bit.ly/2gwCZqF

The Defiant One returns to the podcast!

The Defiant One is a let’s player and 1-6 generation pokemon expert.

this episode contains thoughts on: reality of re-branding youtube your youtube channel, why loot boxes are horrible for gaming, highs and lows of modern gaming, how people used to listen to music vs today, changes in the modern gaming industry, family matters conspiracy theory, family matters stockholm syndrome theory, modern gaming is in a rut, gaming rants with rum, warframe what destiny 2 wishes it could be, destiny 2 is destiny 1.5, video game movies can work, are bad fmv games bad movies with qte event, what the fuck is power engineering?, plus more!

The Defiant One Links:
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