Spider-Man Killed Mary Jane With Radioactive Sperm? | The Rumandapples Show #236

Today on the podcast Rum and St1ka continue their weekly rants on the gaming industry.

Superman’s could rip the fabric of space time
Japan’s virgin problem is crazy
Why St1ka should move to Japan
Rum channeling his inner Joey “CoCo” Diaz
Jim Carrey to play Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman) in new upcoming Sonic Movie
St1ka and Rum discussing the She-Ra controversy about She-Ra’s new design makes her look like a boy.
Spider-Man killed Mary Jane because his sperm was radioactive
Why you should never date She-Ra
Superheroes are irresponsible for having relationships
Plus much more!

Host: Rumandapples
Co-Host: St1ka

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