Immortality Not Mourned Season 2 Ep. 3

Immortality Not Mourned is a video game skit comedy series created by Mr. HD & Rumandapples and their funny friends. Edited By ————————————— Jaco4413: Mr.HD: Outro song made by: Zinity Song: Zinity’s Channel: Check Out Rumandapples Work ————————————— RumEtorials: The Rumandapples Show (RAS): UNcivilized Banter:

Immortality Not Mourned | Season 2 Episode 2

Immortality Not Mourned returns to give you thrills, chills, excitement, confusion, and plenty of ridiculously absurd you love to digest like dollops of chocolate flavored cocaine. Join Mr. HD, Rumandapples & their friends in this new adventure.  Check Out Previous Episodes: Donate to Help The Show: Want to hear your question answered onContinue reading “Immortality Not Mourned | Season 2 Episode 2”

Immortality Not Mourned Ep. 5 Season 1 Finale

From the disturbed and improperly medicated minds of Mr. Hello Diction and Rumandapples. Immortality Not Mourned Returns with a series finale of sorts. Don’t worry we will be back with more in the near future. Or until we can’t afford to keep bailing Rum out of jail for….”sighs” reasons. Enjoy! Check Out Previous Episodes: reading “Immortality Not Mourned Ep. 5 Season 1 Finale”

Immortality Not Mourned Ep. 4

Immortality Not Mourned is BACK with episode 4! MrHelloDiction and Rumandapples are working on more episodes. Until then ADDDDVENTURE!!!!  MrHelloDiction is currently working on another project called “Furious” & “The Other Guys” Rumandapples will be making a guest appearance.  Rumandapples Links ————————————— Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Hitbox | Donate