Daily – Nvidia Lawsuit, Outsiders Studio, tri-Ace Went Mobile

Former Battlefield & PayDay 2 Developers Create the Outsiders Studio

Battlefield’s David Goldfarb and Payday 2’s Benjamin Cousins have founded a new studio called Outsiders Studio and they are working on a medieval RPG title that focuses on RPG elements in a more story based game that isn’t aimed at 7 year olds who like to play all online pop pop shoot shoot bang bang COD styled games. Thank god for creativity.

Nvidia To Be Sued Over GTX 970 GPU

Nvidia released a GPU.. that’s short for graphics processing unit or commonly said video card called the GTX 970. Nvidia’s specs were incorrect due to the last .5 GB’s of the GDDR5 ram have a lower speed than advertised. A class action lawsuit has been filled against Nvidia for false advertisement and a change.org petition has over 8,000 signatures demanding Nvidia to refund their consumers. Goodbye Nvidia hello AMD?

tri-Ace Sold Off To Japanese Mobile Company Nepro Japan

tri-Ace the game development studio that brought you Resonance of Fate, Valkyrie and Star Ocean has been sold off to a mobile company called Nepro Japan. tri-Ace has worked in collaboration with Square Enix and SEGA in the past be it publishing or developing. No details were given if tri-Ace still plans to make real games and not free-to-play candy crush JRPG micro-transaction edition video games and when I say video games I say it lightly with a hell of a cringe.

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