News – Spawn In Mortal Kombat X Is Possible Says Creator Todd Mcfarlane

Todd Mcfarlane says that NetherRealm Studios has a window of opportunity to use Spawn in the new Mortal Kombat game if NetherRealm Studios so desires. Mcfarlane says he is merely awaiting a phone call asking permission to use Spawn from NetherRealm Studios. Even though Todd Mcfarlane has already gave them permission unofficially.
The Mortal Kombat developers themselves have already featured many characters from a different media in the past. Such as Krato’s from God Of War and it is said that a Predator DLC may be coming for Mortal Kombat X. Also Spawn has shown up in other fighting games before like Soul Calibur 2 HD among a other few handful of titles.

Source: Gamer Fit Nation

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