News – Legacy Of Kain Dead Sun Gameplay Leaked Which Square Enix Cancelled

If you don’t know already Legacy Of Kain franchise was originally made by Crystal Dynamics which was bought out by Sqaure Enix. The core mechanics of Legacy Of Kain Dead Sun still lives on in a multi-player aspect in a Free-to-play game called Nosgoth that is available for the PC only and developed by Psyonix. Nosgoth is part of the Legacy Of Kain franchise as well albeit just the multi-player video game expanded from the failed project that was LOK Dead Sun.
For all the fans of the Legacy Of Kain. Dead Sun wasn’t truly what fans wanted due to it being a reboot of an already great franchise. Nosgoth was also a huge slap in the face to Legacy Of Kain fans due to the story being so interesting and detailed in the first place. Many hope that a remaster of those games would be coming at one point but that also never happened and probably never will happen sadly. Legacy of Kain is a franchise that will be remember for what it was; being a supremely well written masterpieces that was full of detail, wonderment, and mystery that sadly anyone new to gaming will never be able to experience.

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