News – Titanic To Be Recreated Into A Video Game Called Titanic Honor & Glory

Titanic: Honor & Glory is an indiegogo project to make a first person role-playing game that involves exploring the Titanic in a realistic sense and is said to feature not only the Titanic ship sinking but also chasing and deducing a murder mystery in the process while keeping true to the original design of the Titanic itself.

The creator Thomas Lynskey appears to be very passionate about making Titanic Honor & Glory and to be honest the graphics shown are very impressive! It would definitely cost a lot of money to recreate the Titanic visually from the ground up while also providing a story with mo-cap and hiring talent for voice overs plus all the effects necessary be it in action scenes or just the Titanic sinking itself. 

What happened to the Titanic was a very unfortunate event and Thomas Lynskey promises to do this project with taste and not just make a medico-ire product that is insulting to the history of Titanic. Thomas says he plans to go all out as far as the budget will let him that is. Money is often the problem isn’t it? That’s where you come into play. By donating towards this project you’ll help Thomas create the game of his dreams while also helping you experience the engrossing richness of the game itself. Consider donating to his project and supporting game development that is rich with content, detail and atmosphere. – Craig of GTN

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