News – Lionsgate Merges With Telltale Games Perhaps Madmen Spin-off Incoming?

Above is the greatest game Telltale has ever released called The Wolf Among Us which is still their strongest title. Telltale Games is currently being flooded with making The Game Of Thrones and Borderlands spin-offs. Too many projects at once has made TellTale Games take a big hit in quality. Telltale is more worried quantity over quality at the moment and that’s just not what this company should be focusing on.

Maybe with the help of Lionsgate they can get more people to work on these projects and put quality back into Telltales Games titles. Telltale games is an extremely capable company and I hate to see them fall into the gallows of pumping out titles of poor quality much like Ubisoft is doing currently.

The Lionsgate and Telltale Games merger probably means they are going to make content specifically within the properties of Lionsgate media and little is known at this point on what will happen because of this company merger. I’d wager it’s just bad news for other companies wanting to get their shows Telltaled! – Craig Of GTN

Source: PR News Wire

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