News: YouTube Isn’t Making Enough Money To Turn A Profit

It’s hard to believe that YouTube out of all the online video services on the web is not breaking even but actually digging themselves into a hole. How is this possible? Well the answer is simple. YouTube is not making enough profit from the AD revenue and that’s solely because of yet again ADblock. Also reported was how the front page of YouTube (that’s the page that has big animated top banner ads) wasn’t being viewed. Keep in mind the ads on the homepage are very high priced after all that’s the second most visited website in the world. Google reports that most users arrive to YouTube via a link and never actually go to the homepage of YouTube itself. I’d say that’s because the YouTube homepage is not what users are looking for.

YouTube has went through so many redesigns in the past and I’ll show you an image below to let you see some of the recent redesigns YouTube has done in the past. Currently I have to say the Homepage of YouTube is very unattractive. I’d say the whole site is extremely unappealing to me. As a desktop user I feel like I’m viewing on mobile with it’s grey background that’s full of mobile widget boxes. It’s just very undesirable and I wouldn’t go there if not for the videos themselves.

Google says to help the growth of YouTube as a business they’ll be launching the Music Key subscription service and other pet projects so that it boosts YouTube back into the money to stop it’s division from going under. Some advertisers are backing away from YouTube advertising because many people that frequent YouTube see the same exact ads over and over again. Advertisers also say YouTube’s user base just isn’t wide spread enough and they’re turning back to traditional advertising on cable television. (I strongly doubt that. – Craig Of GTN)
Source: Engadget

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