Editorial: PS4 Is Selling Like Wild Fire! Why?

The PlayStation 4 is selling like crazy right now. If you don’t know they sold over 10 million units. They are doing quite well. For a console to be. The PlayStation 3 (at this cycle time) and the PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million it’s sold more than that. I don’t quite know the numbers. It doesn’t really matter. The point is the PlayStation 4 is being heavily bought. People seem to think it’s because of resolution and to be honest if you’re going to go buy something this is what really happens. You hear bad things about the Xbox One. All the time you hear that it under-preforms and not just in resolution but in frame rate. You just hear nothing but bad things about Microsoft. They had bad publicity. Their not really the best platform for you to game on. Honestly out of all 3 the Nintendo, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 4. The ideal choice would be PlayStation 4. Yes absolutely. Yes PlayStation 4. 
Because the PlayStation 4 does have more power to it. Be it not that much power but it does have more power. Be it that all the people who bought a PlayStation 4 have friends that own a PlayStation 4. So they want to get a PlayStation 4 to play with their friends. That’s the way that goes as well. The PlayStation 4 is definitely dominating within the console space. If you’re a gamer like I am where I want old titles. I want new titles. I want sixty frames per second. I want 1080p and possibility in the future I might want some 2k. I don’t think I’ll ever go to 4K but I’d like to have some 2k gaming at 60fps. Those kind of people like me. We have gaming PC’s. We don’t worry about paying an online fee or anything like that. So believe it or not. Right now in the gaming space what is going on is that Steam PC is actually selling a lot more games or whatever it is than the PlayStation 4 at the current time. There is more sales revenue for the PC. It’s just that PC is slowly becoming the next preferred platform to be on. Because a lot of people are waking up and their saying well I don’t want to pay for online. I don’t want to do all this. Why am I buying games that capped? They’re capped at 900p. They’re capped at 30fps. Why am I buying these games and at a pretty much higher price. You’re paying more than PC gamer pays. So a PC gamer might pay fifty bucks for a brand new game. And you’re getting a definitive version of it. You’re getting the best of the best. Whatever you can run.
I know a lot of people like to use the terminology of “Well I can’t hook that up to my TV. Well I can’t use a controller on it. I’m not good with a mouse and keyboard.” All those things are entirely false. You can for sure use a mouse and keyboard. You can for sure hook it up to your TV with an HDMI cord that plugs into the back of your video card and your HDTV. That simple! You can for sure play with a  controller an Xbox controller or a PlayStation 4 controller. That you can play with on your pc wireless-ly. So yes PC is becoming an increasingly huge thing! The only problem that there is with PC right now is that you have to build your own PC which really isn’t that hard. If you go to store like Best Buy and you buy a PC that is already put together you have a very underwhelming PC most of the time. So the answer to this crisis that is going on that the people cannot get the PC they want going quite just right is the Steam boxes which is said to be coming in the recent years. If you’re here because you think you wanting to PlayStation 4 or you think you want to buy an Xbox One. You’re not quite sure where to put the next ten years of your gaming at. I can whole heart-tidily say that you really should look into the PC. The PC is really where you want to be. A lot of people don’t know the freedom or the choice that comes along with PC gaming. They just don’t know. They never experienced it for themselves. They’ve looked at it. They’ve glanced at it. They think that’s it’s not for them.
That it would be complicated or it’s something along that nature. It’s too expensive we get that a lot too. You know that there’s an Nvidia 750ti that is more powerful than a PlayStation 4. You know how much that video card costs one hundred and fifty dollars. So you can achieve PlayStation 4 optimal quality with a $150 dollar right now. As long as you got a processor that’s a six core or above. AMD or i5 Intel i5. You can do that for sure. But the thing is that you want to go get a crazy awesome PC I can cost you much much more. It’s not so much the processor. It’s not so much the motherboard. It’s not so much anything else. What costs is the video cards and the brand new video cards by Nvidia. AMD and Nvidia are the two brands that compete the most for PC Gaming and that’s in terms of hardware. Just hardware! Just video cards that’s it. Well AMD also makes processors which I love their processors they are fantastic. AMD also competes on the video card front and the processor front. Intel makes the other set of processors. AMD is a cheap version. For instance an i7 could cost you $800 dollars for a really awesome i7 processor that’s pretty amazing. The AMD equivalent which is the FX 8350 and they are amazing processors. They’re very good. Very excellent processors. Especially for the price that you pay for it. However in the video card front a lot people out that Nvidia is actually the cheaper option and the best option for performance. So getting something like the GTX 970 even though that had some problems. That’s probably the best bet for you right now if you want to get that super awesome settings turned up to ultra on your PC that’s what you want to do. 
Truthfully told most PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games they run at medium to high settings in an inter-mesh. On the PC you have the options of low, medium, high and ultra. More times that not you can actually put the game on ultra but turn the shadows a little bit. You can pretty have a definitive gaming experience on a not so super powerful video card. You have to understand that the PS4 and the Xbox One the hardware components inside of it are pretty old. You have to remember that PlayStation 4 sells for $400 dollars. So they have to mass buy these units. They mass produce these units all at a cheap price. All in bulk. So what you get is pretty much old tech engineered to do things the best they can. They’ve short changed the PlayStation 4 and they’re short change the Xbox One this generation for sure. That’s why you’re not having games perform up to 1080p and sixty frames per second. That’s why you’re having games capped yet again at 720. It’s just been a lot of hassle. But if you had to choose between the systems. Let’s say you’re not going to PC. You just can’t do it for some reason you have a mental block from going to PC. The absolute best choice is for sure the PlayStation 4 and it’s for many reasons. Just for performance. The network might not be as good as you think it is. It has definitely been having a lot of problems lately. It’s been due to a lot of hacks. I know it’s not the correct term to use. The DDOS attacks. They’ve just been having a lot of network problems.
On the PC I’ve yet to see any network problems at all. So it’s different. But I just wanted to discuss that because I’ve seen the article floating around about how people are buying PS4 because of resolution. That’s part of the truth. The thing that people want is to buy a game that works. That’s what they want. They want to have the best experience that they could possibly have and out of all the plastic boxes PlayStation 4 definitely the one to get. But again if you want to definitive amazing ultra experience. You want to get that stuff on PC and you should really consider doing that. PC don’t really have a console generation. The PC that I built will run.. it’s ran a PlayStation 3 generation and it’s going to run PlayStation 4 generation. It’s going to run the same generation of games. I didn’t have to upgrade at all. It is powerful enough to surpass that for sure. Like I said there’s old tech inside the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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