News: Life Is Strange Episode 2 March 13th Release To Be Delayed

Life Is Strange which is an episodic game developed Dontnod Entertainment and is published by Square Enix. For those unaware about Life Is Strange the games format is much like Telltale Games format as in episodic releases over time. Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange is about a girl that suffers from the butterfly effect which won GTN’s heart over as a surprisingly well crafted and fantastic game.

Currently Life Is Strange is only on Episode 1 and the second episode was said to launch March 13th but has been delayed because Dontnod Entertainment says it needs some rewriting to make it a more refined and polished game people can enjoy. Dontnod Entertainment made a promise of releasing an episode every 6 weeks until the project was finished which they won’t be able to live up to sadly. It is disappointing but I’d rather have a great product than a lesser product how about you?

Dontnod Entertainment is relatively new in the video game industry and has only brought you Remember Me in the past which was actually published by Capcom. Dontnod could only confirm that it is going to be delayed and has no idea when the next installment is going to be released. – Craig Of GTN

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