News: Clay Fighter Is To Be Remastered Only For PC

Clay Fighter Remasted Interplay

Interplay Entertainment is said to be releasing a Remastered Edition of Clay Fighter which is a classic retro arcade style fighting game that came out in the late 90’s for all those who can’t remember it. No word has been announced if this is coming to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Interplay Entertainment only announced a PC version of the game that is said to release in 2016.

Creator Credit: Cinemassacre

The game is said to be in development by an outside studio known as Drip Drop Games and will feature new game play mechanics that are being used in today’s arcade fighters. Clay Fighters Remastered will feature more than 20 characters, unique supers, counters, reversals, and claytalities! If you’re unfamiliar with Interplay Entertainment as a studio or publisher. They brought you other titles like Descent, Earthworm Jim, MDK, Run Like Hell, Freespace and Toonstruck. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below if you think this is Clay-tac-ular? – Craig Of GTN
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