News: Valve Shows VR Headset "Vive" In Conjuncture With The HTC

For those of you out there that are excited at the new technology coming to PC gaming Valve has something in store for you. Valve officially announced a new VR (Virtual Reality) headset that is being developed in conjuncture between Valve and HTC. Strangely enough the HTC has a heavy focus on smart phone technology and a lot of the technology in smart phones do think outside the box such as vertical and horizontal responsive screen changing, the ability to type your words as their spoken, touch and other random tech crazy things that blow our minds.

Valve HTC VR Headset Steam Machine

Valve who is the owner of the popular PC gaming platform called Steam said this VR Headset known as the Vive will solely work with the Steam Machines or Boxes. It is to be used in pair with the Steam Machines official controller and will feature motion technology much like Sony’s Project Morpheus and the Microsoft Hololens. Little else is known as to it’s functionality and we’ll have to wait for more details to emerged. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and join the conversation about this brand new classy VR headset called the Vive! – Craig Of GTN

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