News: Valve Shows Steam Link For Steam (Streaming PC Games)

Steam Link Valve Product Streaming

Valve has released a fifty dollar box that you can hook up to any television in your house! The Steam Link box will access your steam library and allow you to play these games without using your PC and allows you to stream at 1080p and 60hz. The setup is easy all you have to do is link it to your TV and your wireless or wired router sign in and game! Now for those of us who already have gaming rigs hooked up right into the TV via HDMI (Which is super easy by the way) this really isn’t our thing. However if it’s a console peasant this might be a great gift for them. Strangely I think this goes against their Steam Machines or Boxes marketing but maybe that’s just me. You do have to use Steam’s Official controller because it uses the controller to communicate with the servers to stop input lag. I’ve yet to use the Steam controller but I doubt that it can run games where it requires a mouse and keyboard for a comfortable gaming experience much like RTS games. Valve specifically says

There are no restrictions or limitations: every game that your PC runs can be played over Steam Link. – Official Steam Page

I am curious if there is going to be a subscription fee but to be honest that’s not Steam’s style. Steam Link is said to release late November this year for Christmas Shopping monies I’m sure. What do you think about the new Steam Link? Will you be buying this for yourself or anyone else? Leave your thoughts in the Google+ comment section below. – Craig Of GTN


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