News: Gone Home Is Never Coming To PS4 Or Xbox One

Gone Home PS4 Xbox One Cancelled

When Steve Gayner of Fullbright studios was interview at GDC (Game Developers Conference) he spoke on how Gone Home is no longer being developed for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Steve didn’t say much beyond that there’s financial issues over a Majeco Studios and Midnight City who is publishing the title. However what Steve Gayner did give us was this tad bit of general information.

“Gone Home for consoles is not actively in development any longer and the deal with Majesco has sadly come to an end,” – Steve Gayner

Right now Steve Gayner is working on Tacoma to Steve that is the main focus at this point. There’s no word that the development of Gone Home will continue for the consoles. At this point I’d say it’s not even worth the money you’d have to put into it. You can get Gone Home here on PC right now and at a cheaper price and a superior version of the game as well. – Craig Of GTN

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