News: Sony Finally Includes Suspend Mode With Their Potato Box

PlayStation 4 Potato Box Peasant

Alright children & peasants gather around me. Please sit Indian style and listen closely. Please put away your Play Doh and you’re multi-colored crayons so we can learn about what a suspend feature is and how Sony is implementing this into their potato box. The PlayStation 4 has finally announced that in their brand new firmware update that they will include a special feature that will save your parents money. How does this magic work? 
Well, when you play your Potato-Station 4 and wonder off to go do god knows what with your imaginary friends. The PlayStation 4 will go into sleep mode. Don’t worry the PlayStation 4 is not dead but only sleeping to save the systems life cycle. Because If you’re PlayStation 4 is left on too long it’s prone to exploding because it gets so hot with it’s super amazing video ram that it melts all the circuits that keep your PlayStation 4 alive. We don’t want that to happen because you’re so careless now do we? Good! 
Also here is your assignment for the day children. Can you say these 3 letters out loud for me? Make sure to use your big voices! 

ABC PlayStation 4

If you can you’re a big person!! YAY!

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