News: uTorrent Installs Bitcoin Miners On Your PC And Is Not Safe.

Utorrent bitcoin miner bloatware adware malware

Popularly used pirating software uTorrent is said to be installing bitcoin mining programs that overtake your CPU and stifle your processing power to make uTorrent money. The program is called Epic Scale and it tears your CPU to pieces. uTorrent silently installs this program on your computer as you either update or install this pirating client. uTorrent at the time is trying to damage control the existence of this program but they’re not doing a very good job at it. Many news websites have already covered this topic such as the highly praised Engadget
After a while uTorrent did say they are aware of the program and that Epic Scale is a trusted business partner that uTorrent plans to keep using and supporting. uTorrent also said Epic Scale isn’t forced on the user. However no where in the install of this program is there anything mentioning Epic Scale with a tick to disallow the program from being installed. This just goes to show if you play with rusty nails you’ll have to get a tetanus shot somewhere down the line. Hey uTorrent users try buying something instead of ripping it off. I say you got what you deserved and GTN is happy to hear it. *sips whiskey* – Craig of GTN

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