Podcast: Across The Pond – Skyrim Community Mourns Lost Player – Episode 25

This episode contains, Skyrim Community doing something wonderful making shines and giving offerings in honor of Reddit user Lastrogu3 has posted on Imgur the story of his brother, Taylor, who died in a tragic accident in 2013, players traveled to Taylor’s spot in the game creating shrines and paying respects, Rum makes fun of #mothersagainstgaming onContinue reading “Podcast: Across The Pond – Skyrim Community Mourns Lost Player – Episode 25”


News: Gabe Newell Boasts HTC Vive Motion Sickness Percentage

\ Gabe Newell recently stated that there will be 0% of people who will experience motion sickness with the HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset. Using the Lighthouse motion tracking system it has been noted to deliver a give highly precise pictures of what we do in the 3D space, helping our brains cope with theContinue reading “News: Gabe Newell Boasts HTC Vive Motion Sickness Percentage”


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News: Uncharted 4 Delayed Due To The Weakness Of PlayStation 4

“After spending so many years with Nathan Drake, he means a lot to the team, and telling the climactic chapter of his adventures is a task we don’t take lightly – this game deserves every bit of the attention to detail, precise pacing, and nuanced storytelling Naughty Dog is known for. So we’ve made the difficultContinue reading “News: Uncharted 4 Delayed Due To The Weakness Of PlayStation 4”

News: Gamestop Now Accepting Playstation 2 Consoles

Gamestop is now again accepting Playstation 2 console trade-ins. In 2013 we saw the end of the retailer accepting them but has since brought it back as of March 1st because it is said to be “high demand”. As of March 1st. United States GameStop stores offer $25 in store credit who trade in aContinue reading “News: Gamestop Now Accepting Playstation 2 Consoles”

Feature: Batman: Arkham Knight Gets M Rating Analysis

Batman: Arkham Knight has seen some new confirmation due to the new trailer being released as well as some gameplay. Arkham Knight features villains such as Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Firefly just to name a few. There is footage of the bat mobile which should provide some padding to the games combat system. Yes the gameContinue reading “Feature: Batman: Arkham Knight Gets M Rating Analysis”

Feature: The Blackwell Series Gets A Positive Review

The Blackwell Series as a whole has been one of intrigue and refreshing enjoyment in the premise of the old school point and click adventure games. While the games individually can falter in different areas, altogether the games as a complete series provide a vast history of a overarching story line narrative and reoccurring spiritContinue reading “Feature: The Blackwell Series Gets A Positive Review”

Feature: Indie Game CrossCode is Fascinating

Part of the indie picks on The Rumandapples Show CrossCode by RadicalFish is a Retro 2D action rpg and it’s only relation to The Legend of Zelda by inspiration alone. Lea is a strong female protagonist plus shes mute and like to throw hands like a monster. Very fast paced gameplay, 4 elements to masterContinue reading “Feature: Indie Game CrossCode is Fascinating”

News: Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Competition Finals Will Air on ESPN

Blizzard’s Heroes of The Storm competition is giving away a college tuition up to $75,000 worth for each member for the winning team. Signups are until 26 March, online open qualifiers 28-29 March. April involves the top 64 teams taking part in single elimination tournament (best of 3)the remaining four teams will take part inContinue reading “News: Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Competition Finals Will Air on ESPN”