Hey Gamers! Guess what? It’s time for a public service announcement! I’m afraid I have been forced to do this due to what I’ve witnessed about the new upcoming title from Rocksteady Studios called Batman: Arkham Knight! Everywhere I look about this game all I see is “OMG SO AMAZING!” “OMG BATMOBILE!” WOOOOOOOOO! MUST BUY PREORDER SEASON PASS! WOOO I’m a fucking tool!… gamers.. I must share this with you. The horribly misguided and confused over hype that I and others have been witnessing for Batman: Arkham Knight will only let you down. I urge you gamers! 

Do not pre-order this game. But surely that is not enough! I’m sure you want the reason why? The reason is apparent to me without even much consideration. It’s a Batman game and what I do I mean by that? Every single Batman game looks good on trailers or looks fun to watch. But when you physical sit down and play the game. You realize that the gameplay is made for 4 year olds. Playing Batman is one of the most boring player experiences one could ever have. All you do is go from one point of the map find an enemy cluster and… punch and kick and dodge over and over and over again. 

Then after that you would then fly or grapel hook to another enemy cluster and do it all over again. WOOO! It’s boring stale and my god is it ever mind numbing-ly repetitive. The writing in these titles is definitely wrote for 8 year olds and they know it. Hence they needed something that people would be excited about is the Bat mobile and graphics. OMG! Guess what that Batmobile replaces in the Batman video game franchise. Instead of gliding awkwardly and unresponsively around the city like in the previous games you use the batmobile to journey around…. which I understand the concept of driving the batmobile on how it could be fun. 

But in a world that is vacant of substance, reason and purpose. It’s defeats the purpose of driving the batmobile or even playing the game. Think about it. Why are you truly driving it? To get to the next cluster of enemies? Pretty lame. Batman: Arkham Knight will leave you wanting an experience that it doesn’t have at all. You’ll waste your time and money buying something that is extremely boring and mediocre. I ask you to question your purchase of this title and hope that you come to a conclusion that is similar to “I’m not wasting my money on this because it will most defiantly suck.” Don’t let pretty graphics sway your wallet. But let the experience of the game be the deciding factor. Open world is a great concept but besides Witcher 3 they are never done right. I’m Dr. Craigheadpro help spread this message by liking the video. If you’re 12 and have blind support of this game in your underdeveloped mind be sure to hit the dislike button and pout in the comments below. Take care and see you all next time.


Published by rumandapples

Rumandapples incorporates witty and hypnotizing Humor with sarcastic satire involving multiple topics to a almost neurotic pace guaranteed to make you laugh and question the very mind that created such things, creating various videos involving theory, sub culture and crazy bag deep concepts, laced with humor and sarcasm with dry wit and Psychotic usages of speaking. Rumandapples & RoshuGaming, have come together and created a gaming updates/opinion podcast called "Across the Pond" in 2014. The Rumandapples Show was developed in early 2014 and continues to grow in its popularity. Across The Pond was changed to Uncivilized Banter with Roshu returning to the co host seat with Rumandapples. Schedule For Weekly Shows: RAS: (Pre Recorded) Mon. Uncivilized Banter: Fri. (LIVE)

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